Staring at a blinking cursor on a blog is even more intimidating than the one I used to stare down on papers and articles in college.

I don’t know about on your end, but the little line on my screen is taunting me, telling me I better write something funny/witty/smart/useful/interesting/thought provoking/original, but the damn thing doesn’t offer any suggestions.

Sure, I could tell you what I do everyday, but that would only take about 6 words: wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat. I could probably elaborate with the number of acronyms I used at work today or how many thank you notes I have left to write – I would guess somewhere between 20 and 25 different acronyms and possibly 180 thank you notes. I could fill you in on the evening hours where I make ill-planned and therefore expensive trips to Kroger, or where I watch my dog try to explain to me why he needs to go upstairs.

Or downstairs. Or outside. Or back inside.

But the truth is, I’m trying to make THIS my hobby – not blog about something I already do. Unfortunately for you, that means you probably won’t be fascinated by anything you read here. Unfortunately for me, that means I have to come up with something every time I want to write. Trust me, I wish I had a hobby to write about…it would probably be a lot more interesting for everyone involved.

So in order to get my fingers moving, I had to type about getting my fingers moving. See how that works? Here’s hoping that between this post and next, I hit the lottery or something else equally exciting (and financially stimulating). Until then…

Damn you cursor.

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