Studying is hard.

Since the last post, I’ve been spending much of my free time ignoring you and studying up for the GRE. The test is just over five weeks away, so I’m working my way through a practice book and a stack of vocabulary flash cards virtually guaranteed to result in a better score on the GRE … or at least, that’s what they say. Thanks to my prep book, I’ve learned how to tackle analogies ( me : analogies = linebacker : quarterback) and tear through sentence ________ (completions).

However, the only thing I’ve learned from the flash cards is that some of these words have to be fake.

I mean, I have a fairly large vocabulary. I was a Journalism major, I’ve always enjoyed reading and I play a mean game of Boggle. So how is it that I’ve never heard of the majority of them?

Exactly. Fake!

Glad you see it my way. Unfortunately, I don’t think arguing with the ETS over the validity of their vocabulary will earn me any bonus points, so it looks like I’ll be studying them regardless. But, I promise not to bore you every post with GRE updates and I promise not to confuse you by incorporating my new, fancy-schmancy vocabulary words.

After all, we both know I’m not actually going to remember them.

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