Puppy Mom, extraordinare.


Ah, the pleasures of having two dogs in the house.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love them both. Cooper – as you know – might be the best dog on the planet. Or at least, we’re beginning to realize that now that we have Lambeau around.

Lambeau. He’s cute, he’s snuggable (yes, that’s a word because I said it is) and he keeps Cooper entertained 90% of the time. But he’s a puppy.

And he pees. A LOT.

I barely remember the puppy phase with Cooper. I’m sure he was just as rotten and adorable and obnoxious, but I barely remember it. I know he chewed on a few things, broke a few things and made a few unmentionable messes around the house.

But Lambeau has perfected the get-in-trouble-but-be-so-cute-they-can’t-stay-mad act. He just wags his little tail (or, if he’s really excited, his whole back half) and you can’t help but forgive the little guy.

Oh yeah – and he’s a hound. So he has those hound dog eyes. Those sad, mournful, why-are-you-mad-at-me-mommy eyes. So you can’t be. You just can’t.

No seriously. You CAN’T.

Love you too, buddy.



How many posts am I going to start by saying I know it’s been a while?

Well, at least one more. I know, it’s been a while.

Lucky for you, the travel is pretty much over for the time being; which, of course, means I’ll have more time to devote back to writing.

But what brings me to my laptop tonight was a breaking development last night that I just have to share – I got accepted into Grad school! Granted, if you’re reading this, you probably also saw this on Facebook, Twitter or my gleaming face, but I’m excited so I’m sharing it from every avenue I can.

It really happened quickly, and I’m glad for that; I’m not exactly known for my patience. So now, I have to put that patience to the test as I wait painstakingly until fall to begin classes.

But as excited as I am, I’m at least equally nervous. It’s been three years since I’ve taken a test, researched a paper or studied theory. It’s going to be a lot tougher than undergrad, but I’m thrilled to think about spending time back on campus – a new campus – with a whole world of learning to do.

So of course, we had to celebrate. I knew that leftover bottle of sparkling wine from New Year’s would eventually come in handy.