Puppy Mom, extraordinare.


Ah, the pleasures of having two dogs in the house.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love them both. Cooper – as you know – might be the best dog on the planet. Or at least, we’re beginning to realize that now that we have Lambeau around.

Lambeau. He’s cute, he’s snuggable (yes, that’s a word because I said it is) and he keeps Cooper entertained 90% of the time. But he’s a puppy.

And he pees. A LOT.

I barely remember the puppy phase with Cooper. I’m sure he was just as rotten and adorable and obnoxious, but I barely remember it. I know he chewed on a few things, broke a few things and made a few unmentionable messes around the house.

But Lambeau has perfected the get-in-trouble-but-be-so-cute-they-can’t-stay-mad act. He just wags his little tail (or, if he’s really excited, his whole back half) and you can’t help but forgive the little guy.

Oh yeah – and he’s a hound. So he has those hound dog eyes. Those sad, mournful, why-are-you-mad-at-me-mommy eyes. So you can’t be. You just can’t.

No seriously. You CAN’T.

Love you too, buddy.

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  1. Your dog does that thing where he wags the whole back end of his body, too?? Beaux does that allll the time. Well, his tail wags 24/7 anyway, even when he sleeps. Lambeau is SO cute, by the way!

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