Chronology of Change

There’s been quite a bit of excitement in the last week: a well-intentioned communication plan imploded at work, my new student orientation at NKU was more than enough to have me begging for fall, and the 2011 edition of the AP Stylebook was announced.

Oh. I’m the only one who thinks that’s exciting?

Very well, then.

With all of the excitement, I barely realized that Friday marked my being a married woman for exactly six months.

Six months!

I can’t believe it’s been that long and at the same time, I can’t imagine how we fit so much change into such a small time frame. We bought a new car, rescued a puppy and watched the Packers win a Super Bowl (believe me, to the husband, that’s a big deal). I survived my first round of conventions, he survived another sales season and we both managed to survive the second rainiest month in Cincinnati history. We celebrated holidays, took a vacation and we found out we’re soon to be an aunt and uncle!

Most importantly, all of this change has proven to be exciting. We’ve owned our home for a full year. I decided to return to school. The tiny little addition to our family has stolen our hearts and eaten his way to his nearly full-grown weight.

But as we question our decision to purchase high-quality puppy food at his current consumption rate, we’re sure of one thing:

Change is good.

Well, that…and that it’s been a great six months.

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