World Domination: Phase Two.

Just in case you were wondering: Yes. I am still alive. And this time – I have very, very big news.

I will be starting a new career exactly one week from Monday – as a Copywriter / Proofreader downtown.

I’m beyond excited. I’ve been avoiding writing anything as my job search heated up because I needed to focus all my energy on finding something that could genuinely make me happy. That, and I noticed that my posts were getting increasingly negative, and no one wants to read that garbage.

Hell, I didn’t want to write that garbage.

In fact, I avoided posting anything until I had something positive to say. I think there’s an old saying that goes sort of like, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s probably best to avoid public places. And people. And the interwebs.”

Or something like that.

So, I prepared for classes — which, of course, I’ll be starting the same week as my new job — and tracked down this fantastic position. And now, now that I have a shiny, everything-is-new-and-wonderful outlook on my career and life in general, I figured we could get to know each other again. Isn’t that fantastic?

Good. I knew you’d be excited.

Oh – and to go along with a major life/career change, I thought it was only fitting to throw in a major appearance change, so I chopped off my hair. Enjoy.


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