I write every day for work.

I write every day for school.

I write emails, text messages and even notes to myself on paper.

So sometimes, something as simple and as enjoyable as writing this blog just doesn’t make the list for the day. Or for the week. Or in this case, for the last month.

But I’ve missed you so and today seemed like the perfect day for that streak to stop. In hindsight, starting grad school and a new job in the same week was probably not the best decision I’ve ever made. In fact, I’d probably put it somewhere in the realm of coloring my hair with a permanent marker in high school.

Actually, that didn’t turn out too badly. Maybe I could use purple streaks again…

But all that said – I hope to be able to start writing more again. Reading for class is causing a severe drain on my time, but here’s hoping.

Til next time.


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