My Hero.

OK. We’ve discussed my inability to embrace free time.

Unfortunately, that means I often … well … over-book myself.

This week has been a prime example. Somehow I thought being a graduate student, a (fairly) new employee, a wife, a housekeeper and a dog-mom was not enough. Nope – I had to add home remodeler to the list.

Yep. That’s right – we’ve begun the remodeling on our retro bathroom. The pink tile is gone (GONE!), the bathtub is in place and the room is taking shape. And if there’s anything I can share with those looking to remodel their own homes, it’s this:

  1. Homes built in the 60’s were NOT built to be remodeled. They were built to have ugly pink tile. For.Ev.Er.
  2. Swinging a sledgehammer is SO MUCH FUN.
  3. Dads are awesome.

I’d like to focus on that last one, for a minute. As stressed out as I’ve been this week, I am so grateful that my dad has been as helpful as he’s been in helping us with the house. It’s a mess and it’s tough work and he’s gone along like it’s nothing. I’ve never been more thankful that Daughter is perpetually on my list of roles.

Today is my dad’s 59th birthday. He’s counting down the days to his retirement from GE where he’s worked for thirty-some-odd years. He’s strong and thoughtful and smart. He has the largest most loving heart of anyone I’ve ever met.

He’s amazing. And while he’s stubborn and bullheaded and downright impossible to disagree with, he’s my dad.

And he’s awesome.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you.


  1. AH! I LOVE THIS!Your dad IS awesome, I must agree. :)And I love this line:"I've never been more thankful that Daughter is perpetually on my list of roles."Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

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