Surely at some point, everyone who writes anything has written those four letters.

TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday.

I’m definitely feeling that today – the idea of having a weekend ahead of me with no plans outside of getting homework done sounds so supremely satisfying that I could not wait for it to be here.

So yes, TGIF. And TGIS tomorrow with another TGIS after that.

After all, it’s been a tough week. Work has been hectic and school is really starting to get the best of me. But I heard a song today that reminds me of all the wonderful things that I am completely lucky to have. And just hearing those words – or the words of many other songs with the same effect – really helps put things in perspective.

(If you’re wondering, it’s Lucky Man, by Montgomery Gentry – very country but makes a very good point; plus, there’s a Bengals reference!)

So in light of seeing how lucky I am, I’m very thankful it’s Friday and that I have an entire weekend to enjoy the lucky life I live.

I hope you’ll all do the same.


These nights are gonna be tough.

Hi friends.

I had class tonight, and was therefore out of my house for about 15 hours today. So you’ll forgive this being a complete and total cop-out post, right?


(Hey, I promised I’d write every day, not that there’d be total gems everyday).

Goodnight, folks – I’ll strive for excellence tomorrow.

Nobody Said it was Easy

Actually, wait – someone did. Someone was wrong.

Caution. Blog post contains serious whining and self-pity. Eye rollers beware. 

This semester has been…

Overwhelming. Defeating. Insufferable. Gosh darn it, just downright mean.

And of course, it’s only the beginning of November; which, unfortunately, means the semester is just starting to heat up.

God help me.

A word to the wise: when someone tells you that two graduate classes plus a full-time job is feasible … laugh. And then have them committed, because that person has lost their mind.

Two classes is hard. Two classes is ridiculously hard – and it’s kept me from being available here. Which sucks. And it’s kept me from visiting my new FANTASTIC nephew, Lincoln.

Yup. That’s double-suck. Maybe even quadruple-suck, because Lincoln is just that freakin’ awesome. He was born October 20th and so far, Auntie-hood is awesome.

Did I mention he’s awesome?

Yup. Awesome.

(I had to end on a good note, right? Right.)

Ghetto NaNoWriMo

You may or may not know this, but November is National Novel Writing Month, or, as the cool kids call it, NaNoWriMo. While I have no intentions of writing – or even beginning – a novel this month given my current schedule, it is definitely something I’ve considered doing more than once.

That said, I think NaNoWriMo can serve a purpose, albeit a somewhat twisted one, here. So rather than following in the tradition, I fully intend to exploit the enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo and convince myself to write something – anything – every day in November.

I promise no gems, I promise no epiphanies, but I do promise that I will be here, every day, for the next thirty days. So will you be here to hold me accountable?

Good. Glad to hear it.

So here goes – surely this counts as the first day’s post, right?

Or maybe I should say, write.

Either way, see you tomorrow!