Nobody Said it was Easy

Actually, wait – someone did. Someone was wrong.

Caution. Blog post contains serious whining and self-pity. Eye rollers beware. 

This semester has been…

Overwhelming. Defeating. Insufferable. Gosh darn it, just downright mean.

And of course, it’s only the beginning of November; which, unfortunately, means the semester is just starting to heat up.

God help me.

A word to the wise: when someone tells you that two graduate classes plus a full-time job is feasible … laugh. And then have them committed, because that person has lost their mind.

Two classes is hard. Two classes is ridiculously hard – and it’s kept me from being available here. Which sucks. And it’s kept me from visiting my new FANTASTIC nephew, Lincoln.

Yup. That’s double-suck. Maybe even quadruple-suck, because Lincoln is just that freakin’ awesome. He was born October 20th and so far, Auntie-hood is awesome.

Did I mention he’s awesome?

Yup. Awesome.

(I had to end on a good note, right? Right.)

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