In case you all missed it – I’m in grad school.

I know, you had no idea, right? Right.

Anyway, this semester I’m taking PR Features Writing for the Web. The class just started two weeks ago and we discovered that (ready for it) – we have to write … on the web.

That’s right folks, our entire class will be leading discussion on the web, right over here at our handy-dandy WordPress site. There we’ll be discussing all of the earth-shattering, mind-blowing topics you can handle, from the perspectives of about 10-15 different people.

At the very least, everyone will be showing up to hone our writing skills at the mercy of the Interwebs.

(You’re the Interwebs. Please show us mercy.)

Anyway, join us, won’t you? I would LOVE it if you’d travel over there and give us all some open and honest feedback, both about our subject matter and our writing styles. In fact, it’s part of the assignment to get visitors to the blog, so if you could just hop on over, that’d be great!

You’re not going to make me beg, are you?

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