100-day challenge: Second day, first obstacle

Like I said when I kicked this thing off yesterday: I have a hard time keeping up habits.

I’m not letting the late hour fail me, though; I’m still here typing even if it’s a short post with no inspirational or motivational tone.

Basically – my night was dominated by a needy 21-month-old boy.

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s my lack of parenting prowess, but holy moly do those little fellas need a lot of attention! I’m pretty sure when I looked away for a second he ran around with my butcher knife.

Alright, slight exaggeration. But seriously, that child was out to hurt himself and was just waiting for me not to look.

Who am I talking about you ask? Meet: Lincoln. My adorable, insufferable, un-tire-able, nephew.

Sure he *seems* innocent…

What? Doesn’t look needy to you?

What you can’t see in this picture is the Mickey Mouse Road Trip playing on my television. For the fifth time. In 2.5 hours.

What can I say? The kid knows how to get what he wants.

Either way, I still managed to hop on and type even if I’m doing it from my pillow.

Goodnight, and better writing days tomorrow.


    1. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full… Good luck finishing your novel – and congrats on the little one!

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