Day 3: Happy Friday

Happy Friday! 

Two simple words to you, maybe, but there’s something you should know. 

When I was at Ball State, Friday was more than just the last day of classes. Friday had it’s own special magic to it, and I don’t mean the remnants of Thursday night’s haze. 

Happy Friday Guy
Yes, this was voluntary.

Friday had a secret password. Friday had an anthem. And Friday… had a mascot. 

You see, at Ball State, we had: Happy Friday Guy

Who is Happy Friday Guy?

Happy Friday Guy (a.k.a. Scooter Bob) is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, served on a razor scooter through campus every Friday at noon. As he raced through campus in blue tights and a red cape, he handed out hugs, high fives and sometimes even candy to everyone in sight, proclaiming “Happy Friday!” to anyone within earshot of his belting voice. 

He was an icon. A legend. And he showed in all weather to remind us all to have a very special, very happy day. 

But that’s not fair, we didn’t have a Happy anything guy!

Fear not, my fine friends. I’m happy to share with you the magic of Happy Friday Guy, embedded neatly in the video below. 

Because even though Fridays are always happy, it never hurts to have a reminder. 

Happy Friday, everyone. 

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