Day 8: Billing just got a whole lot easier

As I mentioned in my last post, a lot of the questions I have as I build out this freelance business revolve around, well, the business end of things.

I don’t think that’s unusual or troubling, though, because I’m not in the business of being an accountant – I write because that’s what I know and love to do; if I loved invoices, I’d have taken a much different career path.

All of that being said, today was a great day. Today, I found Wave.

Wave is a free tool for small businesses to help with accounting, invoicing and even personal finances. I sent an invoice out on it today, in fact, and so far, I like what I see.

Wave apps
Wave, you just made my day.

The beauty of the system is that for me, it covers everything I need without having to pay for features I’ll likely never use. With Wave,  I can send invoices, track outstanding payments and manage my accounting from within the same system.

And did I mention my favorite part, that it’s free to use?

To quote their site, “When we say free, we actually mean free: You don’t pay a thing for our free tools, no matter how much you use them. Not just a free trial. We mean simple, honest-to-goodness free.”

Remember that honesty and integrity I talked about when it comes to billing? Makes perfect sense for that to carry through to the software you use in your business as well.

Well done, Wave folks. You just won yourself an advocate.

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