Day 12: The eve of something special

Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, even All Hallows’ Eve, if you want to get technical.

There are a lot of days we celebrate before the actual event; on the cusp of celebration, we thrive and savor the anticipation.

On Christmas Eve, we await the thrill of the morning yet to come. On New Year’s Eve, we dance, toast and resolve to celebrate the next day anew, to create something better than what we have in the moment. On All Hallows’ Eve, we parade and pretend like children, historically soaking in the night as those who’ve passed await to ascend into their next life.

OK. Maybe that’s a stretch. But you see where I’m going with this.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new week. It also marks the first Monday I’ve not had a full-time employer in more than five years. Starting tomorrow, the path is no longer unknown, but simply untested.

Tomorrow, is starting fresh … the dawn of something new.

But tonight … tonight was the eve of something big. Something special. Something entirely on my own terms.

A few hours most certainly worth savoring.

See you tomorrow, friends.

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