Day 22: When words fail

All writers have those days. The days where it seems not a single unique thought comes across our minds; where the lines of inspiration and motivation just don’t seem to quite cross.

Today has been one of those days. Sure, I spent a good portion of the morning making sure my LinkedIn profile was the best representation of myself it could be, but that shouldn’t have completely voided my mind of anything else to say.

It’s funny … as someone who sells other people’s story for a living, I sure am not very good at selling my own. I can write on any topic that’s handed to me, but when it comes to touting my own accomplishments, I draw a blank. What is that?

Anyway, back to the echoing void that is my creative mind. While the daily blogs are a remedy for the symptoms – forcing me to write, at the very least – I’m looking for a cure to this seemingly endless writers block.

I’m not completely at a loss, however. I have a feeling that a large part of why I’m struggling so much is the constant noise I surround myself with. I tend to leave the TV on at all times, and I’m sure it’s distracting me more than I know.

So, starting tomorrow it will be radio TV silence. I’ll watch the news when I wake up, but by 8 a.m. the screen will go dark and hopefully, the lights will come on where it matters.

Wish me luck!

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