Day 23: The power of silence

As promised, this morning after the news I shut off the TV and got to work.

Granted, I didn’t actually get around to writing much, but hey, baby steps, right?

What I did manage to do was pull together an hour-by-hour schedule to keep me on task, all day long. It’s a trick I perfected in college; between work, internships, classes, studying, sorority obligations and group meetings, not to mention time to eat, sleep and socialize, every minute of every day was accounted for. A color-coded day planner was all I needed to stay on track: when you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and where you’re supposed to be, the stress of what awaits you disappears.

It’s sort of amazing how one little trick of outlining your day can keep your mind clear and focused.

Think of it like budgeting your time. Just as how when you budget your finances you know exactly how much money you can spend in a given category, when you budget your time, you understand exactly how long you have to accomplish a given task. If you’re like me (meaning you’re also a terrible procrastinator), knowing there’s a deadline looming in the distance will get you up and moving in no time.

Obviously, turning off the TV didn’t hurt, either.

So tell me: Do you have any tricks for staying focused, either at home or at work? How do you accomplish what you set out to do each day?


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