Day 36: A blitz of a weekend

Holy Moses. I started writing this post two days ago … and it was way late then! Now here it is, Wednesday, and it’s been basically a week since I wrote last!

OK, I’ll admit it: I have a tendency to over book weekends.

But when my great friend Amanda told me her bachelorette party was the same weekend as the Green Bay Packers game up in Wisconsin, I knew I’d have to figure out a way to go to both.

And figure it out I did.

I should explain the radio silence, too. I have to admit, as much as I tried to write every day, I didn’t exactly want to shout from the rooftops, “Hey, we’re not home! Our house is empty!” So, I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for not writing the days we were gone. Going forward, I’ll do my best to try and line up posts that aren’t date-specific, that way I can continue to post even if I’m not here (you know, like magic).

I guess that only explains the missing weekend, though. Unfortunately, when we we actually got back to our regular lives, my sleep-deprived brain wanted nothing to do with creativity. But now I’m back up and at ’em, so it’s full-steam ahead!

Anyway, Thursday night we drove up to Muncie to meet up with Darrell’s parents, who drive the rest of the way to Green Bay. Did I mention they’re all crazy Packer fans? They’re all crazy Packer fans.

Lambeau Field
Packed house, per usual

Friday morning, the six of us (Me, Darrell, his brother Derek and sister-in-law Kylee, along with parents Pam & Larry) all embarked on the trip up to Green Bay. The Friday night game was almost perfect – the weather was great and the timing worked for my weekend – unfortunately, they didn’t win.

Saturday, the family dropped me off in Indy on the way home, where I met up with my friends for Amanda’s bachelorette party. This gorgeous lady is getting married!

We keep it classy, all the time

Dinner, drinks and dancing – and we were still back at the hotel by midnight! Wild and crazy, I tell ya. In fact, we even bumped into a college friend who was waiting in line at the bar we were leaving … maybe I’m getting old, but I just can’t stay out late like I used to anymore!

After packing back up and heading to breakfast on Sunday, it was time to finally get home. As fun as it was, a four-state, dual destination weekend was more than enough for me!

That is, for now, anyway;  we’re just getting started full-swing into wedding season. With Amanda’s bachelorette last weekend, a wedding of two good friends this weekend and three more on the calendar, we have quite a bit of celebrating on our hands!

Congrats, Amanda – can’t wait to help you celebrate in October!

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