Day 39: Old habits die hard

Man. After 38 days of (in)consistent posts, you’d think I’d realize writing at the end of the evening is a bad idea.

Yet here I am, day 39 at nearly 11 p.m., sitting at my desk.

Today of all days, however, was actually pretty busy, meeting with clients and working through a few projects. Nothing like a productive day to reinvigorate your efforts!

When Darrell got home for work, we headed out to meet my family for dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday, which was on Tuesday. If there’s math you want, you’ll have to do it yourself, because I’m a lady (or something like that) and I’m not about to divulge her age. But she’s awesome, and it was her birthday, and that’s all you need to know. 🙂

Short but sweet, and that’s all I have for today, I’m afraid. Tomorrow, Darrell and I will get wrapped up in full wedding mode, as he’s a groomsman in our friends Brandon & Kiersten’s wedding. I’m looking forward to a good couple of nights out with our friends as we get to watch our friends get hitched!


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