Day 50: Ohh OH – we’re halfway there!

Be thankful you weren’t in the room for that one, folks. Nobody needs to hear this singing voice.

I’ll warn you up front, there’s not much to talk about today. Outside of running a few errands and finally sending off my passport renewal form (I got married almost three years ago people, it’s time I had the current name on my passport), I can’t say much happened. It was a pretty typical Monday, meaning it was hard to wake up, coffee had little effect and the lack of motivation was astounding.

But I did manage to paint a craft letter M I’d been hanging onto for almost a year, so there’s that.

Over the weekend, Darrell and I spent a little time shopping around at IKEA (where else?) to find a few things to spruce up the home office and make it feel more official. Since this is where I’ll be working from now on, it seemed only logical to invest in some storage space and decorations. Unfortunately, the room is currently in that in between stage of almost-looks-awesome-but-kind-of-stuck-in-tornado-zone phase, where everything is out of place. Why is it that even in redecorating, things have to get worse before they get better?

I also have a confession to make that won’t come as a shock to anyone that knows me personally: I hate shopping. Always have. Always will. I inherited my mother’s frugality, so that’s partly to blame, but more than anything I just simply don’t enjoy it. Clothes shopping? Forget it; nothing ever fits the way I want it to and when something does, it’s three times what I hoped to spend. Shoes? Since I more or less have the feet of Fred Flintstone, even that gets exhausting. And home furnishings are the worst. You expect me to pay HOW MUCH for something that’s sole purpose for existing is to be pretty?

I’ll keep my bare walls AND my money, please and thank you.

But when Darrell pointed out having a nice office to work in every day would be worth it, he convinced me. So I struggled through the few hours at IKEA and wound up with a few items I was able to justify buying. Not sure whether that’s an accomplishment or a sacrifice, but that’s neither here nor there.

And I guess all of that was to tell you that I survived Saturday and made it to Sunday, which was my Grandma’s 84th birthday party (technically, her birthday is today). Darrell and I headed out to join the family to celebrate and eat more than should be humanly possible in a span of just a few short hours. I spent the rest of the day drifting in and out of a food coma, woken only by shouts and curses during the afternoon Green Bay game. Darrell gets … let’s say, animated … when his team is on the tube, and unfortunately this week the Packers packed it in early. With a dismal display from both of our teams (the Bengals lost in the early game), Week 1 football left much to be desired in the Manet household.

But there’s always next week. That’s what they say, right?

Either way, there’s still fantasy football!

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