Day 57: Keeping secrets

Well that’s a pretty ominous sounding subject, isn’t it?

Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. What it does mean, though, is that while it’s clearly no secret that I’m horrible at maintaining a constant flow of content here, it’s partially because I have a lot of things I just can’t talk about.

Some secrets we keep for others, some we keep for ourselves, and some we keep for sake of not jinxing something we’re looking forward to. The first two are easy for me – secrets are meant to be kept and I’m pretty good at doing so. But when it comes to keeping my excitement for something tempered … well … that part gets a little trickier.

How’s that for vague?

The truth is, when I’m looking forward to something, when there’s an event or an activity on the horizon, the excitement is all-consuming. Earlier this year, for example, when we were planning to sell our home and move, I could think of nothing but mortgage rates, showing appointments and which houses are on or off the market. I watched and waited impatiently, torturing myself as homes were snatched up before my eyes.

We also have a vacation coming up. Evidently I’m a masochist, because I booked this vacation so far in advance I’ve been counting down the days since they were in the two hundreds. Now that we’re getting closer, every hour of the 90 days we have left will drag on mercilessly.

I tell you this to point out that while I would love to have a lighthearted outlook at things poised in the future, I’m much more obsessively ridiculous than that. So in the meantime, I’ll simply try to focus my efforts elsewhere; namely, right here.

Whoever came up with this 100-day challenge business, anyway? That was me?



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