Finding Separation

For the past year, I’ve been trying to maintain this blog as both a personal and professional space, walking the line between what’s on my mind and what’s appropriate for client eyes. Today, that’s going to change a little bit.

Obviously, in this wonderful world of interwebs – and with a blog name that is my actual name – there’s no getting away from this being entirely public. However, when I think about why I’ve been incapable of writing the last few months, I realized it’s because I’ve been trying to put forward only a professional persona. As I surely try to think of topics that will be of interest to a broader, more professional audience, I still want to be able to stretch creatively, write from the heart and experiment in a slightly safer space than one tied to my business site.

So today, I’m unlinking this blog from my business page in order to gain a little creative freedom. Most importantly, I’ve been dabbling in poetry again after a long hiatus, and would like to be able to share those here. Because of their deeply personal nature, I don’t believe poems really belong on a business page.

Good thing I’m already maintaining two pages, right?


I hope this new divide allows me to write more often; I’m certain drawing a line between the personal and the professional will allow both sites to become more focused.

Looking forward to sharing with you,


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