The light falls on darkened shades, designed to keep it out.
I lie awake, pretending
He’s filling up with doubt.
The lies I’ve told are catching up; there’s no where left to go
I’m lying, dying
But soon he’s going to know.
The fines and goods I’m swearing, the feelings that I hide
They’re eating up, they’re killing
They’re burning me alive.
Time so slowly passes, the minutes creeping by
The hope, the fear, the waiting,
We have nothing left but time.
No answers, proof or promises, we’ll never know for sure
I smile, wait, let the lie soak in
I’m fine, we’ll live, we’ll just have to try again.
But time has yet to heal the ache, though the hours still drag on
From two to three and back again
The truth is, fine is gone.



As I mentioned yesterday, poetry is something I’ve always dabbled in but have never posted to this blog. I’m not sure how often I’ll post poems here, but here goes nothing!

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