Stitch Fix Review: Fix #6

Every once in a while, Stitch Fix will offer to waive the styling fee in order to get you to try out their service again. When they just so happen to do that right when I was considering ordering a box anyway, well, you know I had to.

Bonus: If you decide you want to give Stitch Fix a shot, they’re currently offering a Give $25, Get $25 for orders that ship before July 28. So if you use the links in this post, you’ll have a $25 credit waiting on you!

A quick reminder for anyone who doesn’t know, Stitch Fix is an online service where you set up a profile, pay $20 and have a personal stylist send you five curated items they think will suit your needs/wants. Once they arrive, you get three days to try things on, mix-and-match with items from your own closet, and decide what you want to keep. If you keep anything, your $20 up front goes toward your final total; if you keep everything, you get a 25% discount on the entire box. It’s super easy and, if you’re like me and hate to shop, easy is what you need when you need new clothes. Plus, referral links (like the ones in this post) get you $25 credit for each time someone orders a fix.

OK. Here we go! Stitch Fix review, complete with terrible bathroom shots!

First up: Skies are Blue, Crochet Trim Top

I had to text 4 people on this one, all because I didn’t think I liked it, but Darrell said he did. Ultimately, I’ve decided the boxy style is unflattering on my body type. The size was right, just the way it was cut doesn’t work for me.

Cost: $48. Verdict: Sent back.

Next up, from the same company (Skies are Blue), the Abner Back Cutout Detail Top.

I really wanted to like this tank top – I love the cutout design – but the fit wasn’t right. It was baggier around the bust than it should be, and left big gaps under my arms. And again, kind of boxy, leaving me looking like a giant square.

Plus, let’s be honest: Mama’s gotta wear a bra under her shirts, and this cutout style top isn’t going to cut it.

Cost: $48. Verdict: Sent back.

For the last of the tops, the Nelda Halter Blouse, from Pixley.

I actually really like the style and print of this top, but once again, the fit was all wrong. It was too big in the bust, leaving lots of room under the arms. And, again, strapless bras are just not my jam right now, and therefore neither is this shirt.

Cost: $44. Verdict: Sent back.

When it comes to these shirts, either I’m just not in style, or maybe I need to size down on my style profile, but something’s not quite right. I’m hoping the next fix I order can get to the bottom of this.

Anyway, onto the dress! This one’s from Collective Concepts – the Chantelle Dress.

That’s the face you make when taking a backside selfie, obviously.

I have to tell you, I really liked this dress. Unfortunately, where the waistline sits really accentuated the fact that my stomach is still soft after having a baby.

Or after all those doughnuts people keep bringing into the office.


Either way, I’m bummed about this one because it was oh-so-close to being oh-so-right.

Le sigh.

Cost: $88. Verdict: Sent back.

And last but, uh, least – the Monica Suede Criss Cross Slide Sandal, by Dolce Vita.

Ugh. Feet.

These were comfortable, and even though I was lukewarm on how they looked, I was actually halfway excited about them because I thought they could be my I-should-wear-something-nicer-than-flip-flops-but-screw-wearing-heels shoes.

And then I looked at the price tag.

Hahahaha. I’m sorry, but $70 is just way too much for shoes I’m not really excited about. I also don’t really love slide-on sandals – I’m more of a ankle strap kind of gal.

So, like everything else, back they went.

Cost: $70. Verdict: Sent back.

Once more, I sent back everything. I was really hoping I’d be able to get something fun to wear over 4th of July weekend, but this just wasn’t the box for me. It seems like I need to really write out how things fit, as that’s the biggest problem. Next time I’ll be asking for more fitted tops, and maybe more forgiving dresses, as it seems I’m getting the two sort of in reverse of what I actually need.

If this review hasn’t completely dissuaded you, I’d definitely recommend you give Stitch Fix a try. Especially since if you order for delivery before July 28, my referral link will get you $25 too – that’s enough to cover your styling fee, meaning you’re out nothing if you don’t like your fix.

If you DO decide to try it, I’d love to hear how it goes!


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