A little about me


Hi there! I’m Ally, a 29-year-old copywriter and editor living and working in the Greater Cincinnati area.

I love to write, live to edit and constantly need to know new things, so I ask nosy questions and spend way more time than the average bear surfing the web for information. That’s most of what you’ll find here  – highlights of all the great ideas on writing and editing I can find. I believe the best part about learning new things is telling people about them, so whether it’s sharing an experience here or writing or editing to make your own stories come alive, this place is a start at getting it all out.

I also follow recipes haphazardly, attempt to stay fit and dabble in poetry from time to time.

So I hope you enjoy, and please … for the love of all that is grammatically correct, if you see an error,  let me know!


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