Day 29: Martha’s got nothing on me

Martha may have written the book on well, everything, but believe it or not, sometimes even the uncraftiest of us (namely: me) can bust out a dazzling show of domestication.

That’s right, folks: I actually made the dog bed this morning! Which is miraculous in itself, sure, but the best part?

These two guys are actually sleeping on it, right now.

dog bed

Sure, they look innocent…

I went out to the living room to grab my phone for a picture, and there they were! Of course, it’s more likely because Darrell is occupying the entire length of the new couch, but hey, I’ll take my victories where I can get them.

You see the one on the right? He’s the master of destruction. Wondering why I took the time to make a dog bed, rather than just going out to get one? Let me paint you a picture. I call it, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Lambeau, in his not yet three years of life, has demolished at least three dog beds, a couch, a chair, more blankets than I can count and several pairs of shoes. He’s even attempted to eat his way through a door. And somehow, I still love the little jerk. Which explains why, when I had scraps of foam core from the couch he destroyed, along with a shower curtain that Darrell managed to get deck stain on, I decided to spend a couple hours at the sewing machine to make a free bed.

Ahh, the life of a dog parent.

Regardless of why I made the dog bed though, I’m pretty proud I managed to sew an even remotely straight line. Crafting is not my forte, but I think even my friend Nicole would be proud.

Here’s hoping Lambeau doesn’t get hungry while I’m sleeping.




Day 28: The dog days are over

Don’t worry, friends, I haven’t gotten rid of my dogs.

We did, however, get our new couch today!


Look, ma – no teethmarks!

Lambeau has no idea why he doesn’t get to sleep in the living room tonight, but considering his destructive ways, he’s not getting a stab at the new furniture until I have a chance to get him a proper bed. Surely, being the genius little mutt that he is, he’ll know which cushion is for sleeping, and which cushion is for human-sitting, right?

Yeah, I’m not betting on that either. But I am taking it as an opportunity to bust out the sewing machine and try to re-purpose the undamaged foam core from the last couch into a new doggie bed. The sewing machine I got for Christmas and still haven’t used. Kind of wishing I paid more attention in 8th grade home ec.

Anyway, the goal is to tackle that project tomorrow…

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.