Day 27: Back to the grind

It’s Monday, friends, which for me is not really any different than any other day.

I’ve been working on getting into a groove, figuring out the best way to arrange my schedule so that my priorities all have their time and place. It sounds silly, but somehow even without a day job I’m still struggling to find the time to do everything I need to do every day.

Still, I’ll take this kind of Monday over the average person’s Monday, any day of the week. (Does that even make sense?)

This weekend was a bit scrambled; earlier this week, Lambeau decided the couch had to pay. For what exactly, I’m not sure, but he took out his frustrations on the arm of our cheap IKEA couch, shredding it down to the plywood. So, Friday and Saturday were largely spent looking at new furniture to replace the sad piece of work still sitting in our living room. After much deliberation, we finally settled on one and will be bringing it home tomorrow. Now, just to keep Lambeau from becoming a repeat-repeat offender (yes, he’s done this once before).

It’s a really good thing I love that destructive mutt.

And while it was maybe not the exact way I looked forward to spending the weekend, it was a great way to spend much of the day driving in the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Cincy. There’s something magical about a sunny day in the mid-70s … it makes me crave a hooded sweatshirt, a warm campfire and a long night up talking with friends. I was sad to see the weekend go and the weather warm up today; I’m looking forward to a fall season with a little more time on my hands to enjoy it.

I think it’s crazy the way weather can influence a mood, how it can instantly evoke memories from years past. The first warm day of spring always reminds me of afternoons in college, the heat of summer reminds me of soccer practices in high school, and in the crisp weather of the early fall, my mind leans toward campfires and football tailgates. The winter, well … who likes the winter, anyway?

What about you? Does the weather ever kick you into nostalgia?

Beautiful sky

Day 5: Sunny Sunday Fun day

I know people usually only talk about the weather when there’s nothing else to say, but today, the weather was worthy subject matter all it’s own.

Beautiful sky

Gorgeous, right?


Today, the weather was beyond belief. It’s July in the Midwest, which usually renders more than 5 minutes outside an impossibility, and yet I write this post from my deck, after cooking dinner outside and even – yes – building a fire. After a week of monsoon conditions followed by a week of draught, ┬áthis week mother nature decided to grace us with weather usually reserved for football Sundays in October.

It’s been downright magical, and the dogs have been soaking in every minute.


This level of stillness never happens


Can we take a second to appreciate the fact that Lambeau actually stood still long enough to capture that shot? Lambeau, our 2.5 year old beagle/fox hound (we’re guessing?) mix never sits still for long, and this may be the only clear photo I have of him.

Cooper, Lambeau’s older and wiser brother, is just over 5. According to Cooper, there’s only one word to describe a day like today:



I completely agree, Cooper. Today was a perfect way to wrap up the weekend, and I’ll admit I’m not quite ready for it to be over.

Oh well … Monday’s just another day, I suppose.